Welcome to my personal homepage

I am a senior scientist at Spotify based in UK, working in machine learning and information retrieval.

Before joining Spotify I was at Amazon, working on products in core ML, supply chain optimization and Alexa shopping. Prior to that I had co-founded Inferentia together with Neil Lawrence, Zhenwen Dai and Javier Gonzalez. Our start-up was eventually acqui-hired by Amazon. I also worked as a research associate in machine learning and social robotics at Sheffield, and before that I pursued my PhD degree with topic Deep Gaussian Processes and Variational Propagation of Uncertainty, working with prof. Neil Lawrence.

My research areas of interest are: transfer learning, deep representation learning (in particular graph neural networks) and uncertainty quantification. Lately I'm focusing a lot on information retrieval applications, such as recommender system tasks. In the past I worked a lot with Bayesian probabilistic models and their extensions to the deep learning paradigm, as well as applications to decision making.


Email: andreasd [a] spotify [dot] com
Twitter: @adamianou
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