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I am a senior research manager and lab lead at Spotify based in UK, working in machine learning and information retrieval. My lab focuses on representation learning at scale, including Graph ML and LLMs, to advance search and recommender systems. Currently, I'm leading efforts around graph-based recommendations, while also exploring the potential of large language models for search and recommendations.

Before joining Spotify I was at Amazon, working on products in core ML, supply chain optimization and Alexa shopping. Prior to that I had co-founded Inferentia, a start-up that was eventually acqui-hired by Amazon. I also worked as a research associate in machine learning and social robotics at Sheffield, and before that I pursued my PhD degree working with prof. Neil Lawrence. Deep Gaussian processes, which was a core topic introduced as part of my thesis, earned the Test of Time Award at AISTATS as "a paper from 10 years ago that has had a prominent impact in the field".

More broadly, my research interests are: transfer learning, deep representation learning (in particular graph neural networks and language models) and uncertainty quantification. Lately I'm focusing a lot on information retrieval applications, such as recommender system tasks. In the past I worked a lot with Bayesian probabilistic models and their extensions to the deep learning paradigm, as well as applications to decision making.


Email: andreasd [a] spotify [dot] com
Twitter: @adamianou
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  • June 2024: At Data Science Africa (remotely) teaching LLMs and prompt engineering!

  • May 2024: At Singapore presenting our two papers at the Web Conference!

  • Aug. 2023: Our paper "Graph Learning for Exploratory Query Suggestions in an Instant Search System" was accepted at CIKM industry track.

  • Apr. 2023: Honoured to have received the Test of Time Award at AISTATS 2023 together with Prof. Neil Lawrence! We'll give a 1h talk about Deep GPs!