• Xfer: Transfer and meta-learning in Python.
    It includes code for quick and easy deep transfer learning, as well as implementation of various recently published methodologies related to deep transfer learning and meta-learning. The code is in Python, MXNet, and PyTorch.

Some of my older software:

  • A unified toolbox which can be found here and includes:

    • Bayesian GP-LVM (with M. Titsias, N. Lawrence)

    • Variational Gaussian Process Dynamical Systems (VGPDS) (with M. Titsias) and

    • Manifold Relevance Determination (MRD) (with C. H. Ek)

  • Deep Gaussian processes: code available in MATLAB and Python.

  • I am also using GPy, a Gaussian Process framework written in Python and developed in Sheffield.


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